Education Centre

Educational activities are an integral part of LFMI‘s work. Since its establishment in 1990, LFMI has conducted an ever-increasing number of projects for young people. Education Centre was founded in 2012.

LEARN! In the centre beginners can learn about economics, advanced students can deepen their fee-market economic knowledge, and students of all levels can find courses and competitions that we organize along with everything that they need to know about the mysterious world of economics.

ASK! Would you like to hear LFMI experts in your school, university or other organization? Do you have ideas that you would like to pursue at the LFMI during an internship or volunteering opportunity in our office? Contact Justina Kuncaitienė, Head of Education Centre.



Ongoing educational projects

moksleiviams Textbook Economics in 31 Hours

Economics lessons


An interactive digital teacher’s book Economics in 31 Hours


Integrated education program Raising social consciousness





Economics lectures






Youtube channel





Previous projects

Liberty Studies  | An essay writing contest aimed at enhancing the understanding of social and economics laws as well as encouraging individual freedom.

Realistic Analysis of Economics Annual courses of economics for students of social social sciences and humanities.

Economics in Action | We invite students to participate in our annual online courses. See the lesser-known side of the economy