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If you don’t create a free market, a black market will emerge.

Who we are: Lithuanian Free Market Institute (LFMI) is a private, non-profit, non-partisan organization established in 1990 to promote ideas of individual freedom and responsibility, free market, and limited government intervention. Our goal is to foster a free market environment that encourages the people of Lithuania to pursue their own objectives in a way that is constructive to the society’s common interests and not through relying on the government. We believe the best way to assist the accomplishment of these common interests is without any privileges, protection, or restrictions imposed upon particular individuals.

What we do: LFMI‘s team conducts research on key economic and policy issues, policy analysis, and prepares position papers on legislative initiatives. LFMI also conducts sociological surveys, issues economic literature, and organizes conferences, workshops, and lectures. Educational activities are an integral component of LFMI‘s work and are aimed at making free market ideas an integral part of Lithuanian society.

In pursuit of its mission, LFMI develops a wide range of instruments to publicly disseminate its ideas. We work closely with international organizations, the media, and other groups. We constantly look for new forms of communication to present our ideas quickly and effectively. Our voice is well heard, and 30 years of concerted effort has worked to ensure that Lithuanian people grow accustomed to and attached to the ideas of individual freedom and the free market.

Financial independence is an essential condition for the accomplishment of our mission. As such, we seek funding exclusively from private sources. Our activities are influential and this is possible due to the people who foster the same values as we do and provide donations towards our work.

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