Rebuild Ukraine: Economic Textbook Reaches Young Ukrainians Abroad   03-15

The Ukrainian e-textbook on economics ЕКОНОМІКА для 8 (9) класів is now made available for the international educational community by the Lithuanian Free Market Institute and the Kyiv-based Bendukidze Free Market Center.   Every day more and more Ukrainian children who have escaped the horrors of the Russian invasion are resuming school far away from their […]

Vytautas Žukauskas. What Is Happening with Money and Prices? 06-01

The 20th anniversary of the euro was marked by an increase in price inflation. In the euro area, annual consumer price inflation reached 5% in December 2021. Lithuania recorded the highest rate of 11%. While the Russian invasion of Ukraine pushed these indicators even further (7.4 and 16.6% respectively in April 2022), the upward trend had […]

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