Atlas Network. Doing Development Differently: Taste of Tradition in Lithuania 03-05

The article was originally published by Atlas Network at: Ona Raudeliūnienė whisks 36 eggs together on a breezy, rainy Saturday afternoon in Zūbiškės, a small rural town in central Lithuania. She is preparing the batter for a traditional šakotis, a local, spit-baked cake that is shaped like a tree, that she will spend hours baking […]

LFMI Holds 3rd National Economics Exam 03-27

Quarantine increases people’s desire to study and learn. On March 25th the third national economics exam, organized by the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, attracted a record number of participants, 10,963. The motto of this year’s exam was “There is a human being being every number.” “In the last two years the exam was held mostly […]

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