Lithuanian Free Market Institute awarded the European Oscar for Innovative Education 12-11

The Lithuanian Free Market Institute’s (LFMI) textbook “Citizen within 31 Hours” has been awarded the European Award for Innovative Education. “Citizen within 31 Hours fosters young people who are free and responsible for themselves and their communities. The textbook helps the new generation understand that citizenship begins with responsibility for one’s actions and productive activities […]

Elena Leontjeva. Lessons from the Tax Competitiveness Index – how to get on the pedestal? 11-28

Lithuania ranked ninth in the International Tax Competitiveness Index 2023. Our country ranked eighth last year and fourth in 2019. Why are we sliding down instead of finally rising up the pedestal? The International Tax Competitiveness Index assesses tax systems on their simplicity, transparency, neutrality – i.e., fairness to specific activities and income levels – […]

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