Atlas Network. Doing Development Differently: Taste of Tradition in Lithuania 03-05

The article was originally published by Atlas Network at: Ona Raudeliūnienė whisks 36 eggs together on a breezy, rainy Saturday afternoon in Zūbiškės, a small rural town in central Lithuania. She is preparing the batter for a traditional šakotis, a local, spit-baked cake that is shaped like a tree, that she will spend hours baking […]

Dismissal Rules and Costs: Balancing Efficiency and Employee Protection 06-30

A new research report from the Lithuanian Free Market institute ‘’Dismissal  rules and costs: balancing efficiency and employee protection“ analyses dismissal rules and costs in selected CEE countries and looks into their economic implications. The study finds that applicable laws do not provide enough leeway for human capital allocation nor do they create incentives for increasing efficiency of employees, employers […]

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