You can apply for an internship at LFMI in economics, law, communications, English philology, philosophy, pedagogics and other fields. Students can apply the at any point throughout the year.

All-year-round we form teams of interns and volunteers to work on certain projects. Those who want to gather experience are welcome at any point during the year (except the holiday time from 30th July till 20th August), however, we have limited number of places. Candidates with equal qualifications are taken on a  “first come-first served” basis.


The LFMI’s work spans across economic analysis, statistical analysis, legislative analysis, project management, creative work, translations, public relations, communication, social media and audio-visual projects, just to name a few.


All we require is a commitment to spreading worthwhile ideas and promoting freedom, an ability to fulfil set tasks, a capacity to take initiative and a reliable work ethic.

Ideal attributes of candidates

The ideal LFMI intern would possess knowledge of their subject of choice, fluency in English, and an ability to undertake an internship for one month or more. LFMI is a small organization, with 15 permanent staff members. The trainees will be expected to actively engage in activities that contribute to the Institute’s research, analysis, ongoing projects and other miscellaneous tasks.

How to apply

You should send your CV and a short cover letter which explains what you would like to do at LFMI to Justina Kuncaitienė, Head of Education Centre.

Internships and volunteering are not paid, however we sometimes offer employment opportunities to our best students, often after they graduate. We can also recommend our top students to our partner organisations in Europe and the USA.