LFMI holds 5th Think Tank School

LFMI successfully completed a three-day intensive course for members of new European think tanks, new employees of established think tanks and individuals who are active, motivated and dedicated to the ideas of liberty.

The 5th annual Think Tank School took place on March 12th-14th, 2014 in Berlin (Germany) prior to the annual ESFL Conference.

LFMI admitted a total of 25 participants from 18 countries, including Lithuania, Poland, Serbia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Georgia, Estonia, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Hungary, Austria, Ukraine, Albania, and Romania.

The seminar focused on think-tank management, fundraising and communication and was delivered by experienced US and European professionals.

LFMI’s president Žilvinas Šilėnas, LFMI’s vice president Edita Maslauskaitė and Sascha Tamm of Liberales Institut, Berlin delivered the strategic planning sessions. Communication strategy and planning, effective writing and media relations were covered by Matthew Sinclair of Europe Economics, London, freelance researcher and journalist Karen Horn of Allgemeine Zeitung, Berlin, and LFMI’s communication officer Vidmantė Sirgedaitė-Čižienė. Tim Evans of Cobden Centre, London, Alberto Mingardi of Bruno Leoni Institute, Milan,  Tom Palmer of the Atlas Network, US, and  Alexander McCobin of Students For Liberty, US shared their fundraising knowledge and experience.

More on the TTS selection procedure and program here.

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