LFMI completes the European Think Tank Startup School 2016

Lithuanian Free Market Institute has completed a three-day intensive course for members of European think tanks. LFMI admitted a total of 26 participants from 19 countries, including Poland, Turkey, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Lithuania, and other.

The workshops focused on think tank management, fundraising and communication and was delivered by LFMI team Žilvinas Šilėnas, Edita Maslauskaitė and Aneta Vainė and Joseph G. Lehman of the Mackinac Center and Matthew Sinclair of Westbourne Communications.

“Our aim is to build capacity of young European think-tankers to advance the cause of liberty in the region by sharing our 25 years of experience in the freedom movement,” – Edita Maslauskaitė, vice president of LFMI says.

The European Academy for Intellectual Entrepreneurs is a joint program of LFMI and Atlas Network which is  designed to identify and train talented young people for professional careers in the liberty movement in Europe.