LFMI Holds a Conference Scarcity, Man and Morality. Interdisciplinary Approaches

On November 16th, 2016 the Lithuanian Free Market Institute in cooperation with the Lithuanian Culture Research Institute held a conference Scarcity, Man and Morality. Interdisciplinary Approaches to present the recent interdisciplinary inquiry into scarcity and a multidisciplinary study The Phenomenon of Scarcity: Being, Man and Community.

Have you ever pondered why we constantly lack something and whether there is any common denominator behind our various experiences? The conference provided a unique opportunity to learn about an interdisciplinary study that looks into what role scarcity plays in our lives and what designation and manifestations it has as well as elicited new insights into the logic behind our surrounding phenomena and reality.

How does scarcity relate to the fact that we are in body, in time and in space? How can the apprehension of scarcity help people reconcile themselves with the manifestations and marks of scarcity – temporariness, human imperfection, a lack of relationships, and limited resources? Is scarcity a curse or a catalyst of human and societal development? For the first time in scholarly research has the phenomenon of scarcity been taken out from academic peripheries to the center of analysis and analysed from an interdisciplinary perspectives, embracing disciplines which do actually name scarcity (philosophy, theology, and economics) and those where scarcity has a different label (psychology, anthropology, and sociology).


You may read the study “The Phenomenon of Scarcity: Being, Man and Community” here.