Free Market Road Show 2016: „How to Create Silicon Valley in Lithuania?“

Lithuanian Free Market Institute hosted the international academic conference „How to create Silicon Valley in Lithuania?”. The conference focused on the following questions: what could Lithuania do to attract businesses like „Google“, „Apple“ or „Facebook“? What is it that we lack for success – capital or ideas?

The keynote presentation “How We Got Rich?” was delivered by Deirdre McCloskey, Professor of Economics, History, English and Communication at the University of Illinois.

„It’s the free society, that is the creative society, and it’s the seed of what can become your own Silicon Valley”, – D. McCloskey says.

Other speakers were finance expert Richard Zundritsch, an entrepreneur and investor John Chisholm, also local economists, academics, and investors.

The conference „How to Create Silicon Valley in Lithuania?“ was organised in cooperation with the Austrian Economic Center as a part of the Free Market Road Show 2016. The aim of the Free Market Road Show is to spread the message of freedom and limited government.

Video recordings of the presentations can be found here:

Deirdre McCloskey. „How We Got Rich?“

Richard Zundritsch. „The Sharing Economy, Technology and the use of Knowledge“

Šarūnas Skyrius. „Capital. Nice to have, not THAT important“

John Chisholm. „Creating a Silicon Valley: Do’s and Don’ts“.

Liutauras Petručionis. „Quantitative Easing: Effects on Startup Culture“.

Discussion “How to create Silicon valley in LIthuania?”

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