Compulsory celebration of public holidays

The news agency ELTA published a comment by the LFMI junior expert Emilis Ruželė about the draft law registered with the Seimas, which proposed prohibiting the practice of the retail trade on the first day of Christmas and Easter. The analyst raises the question about the expediency of such a law. This type of prohibition distorts competition as the law proposes prohibiting the retail trade without imposing any restrictions on other forms of leisure activities which compete for retail customers’ money. In addition, the adoption of this draft law would lead to acceptance of other illogical government regulatory initiatives.
Lawmakers seek to deprive people of a possibility to work on public holidays and earn more. Work on holidays, weekends or at other less convenient time is one of the aspects regarding which an agreement between employees and employers can be reached in advance and, therefore, it is the result of the system of free voluntary exchange.