Changes in Management of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute

VILNIUS, APR. 20, 2006 – After ten years of work at the Lithuanian Free Market Institute (LFMI), Mr. Ugnius Trumpa resigns the post of LFMI’s President upon mutual agreement of both parties. A general meeting of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute appointed the Institute’s Vice President Mr. Remigijus Šimašius an acting president until the new head of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute is elected. This is scheduled to take place by the middle of May of this year.

Mr. Ugnius Trumpa has served as LFMI’s President since November 2001 when he replaced long-standing President Ms. Elena Leontjeva. Upon joining LFMI in 1996, Mr. Trumpa initiated and led the institute’s work on eliminating business restrictions, reducing bureaucracy and fighting corruption.
Under Mr. Trumpa’s leadership, LFMI was awarded a prize of the Templeton Freedom Awards Program given in the category of Institute Excellence, held the first think-tank school for NGOs from European countries and initiated the building of a coalition of European free-market think tanks.
Calculating its 16th year of active performance, the Lithuanian Free Market Institute is a leading free-market NGO in Lithuania and one of champion thinks tanks in the region, recognised for its active participation and achievements in international debates. LFMI was the pioneer of independent policy advocacy in Lithuania and stood at the forefront of the country’s economic and social transition to the free-market economy.