LFMI invites 9th to 12th grade pupils to interactive studies of economics

LFMI invites all pupils of 9th to 12th grades to study economics and presents a Web site www.mokome.lrinka.lt.
LFMI’s project “Studying Economics Actively” consists of two parts – individual and interactive studies. As a first step, all those interested are invited to visit the Web site www.mokome.lrinka.lt and get acquainted with ten vivacious comic strips. Each comic strip has a caption underneath that presents a topic, thoroughly explained by LFMI’s policy analysts. When pupils examine the comic strips and read the information, they are invited to register for free and active interactive studies of economics.
The interactive studies were launched on 30 November and will be held until spring. Each of the ten lectures will be interestingly and exhaustively explained by LFMI’s policy analysts. Moreover, participants will solve tasks that will be evaluated by both policy analysts and other participants of the studies. The project will also include live debates with guest lecturers and speakers. Finally, a summer camp for the studies’ participants will be organised as a closing of this project.