LFMI Ranks among Top Places to Study Economics

TheBestSchools.org have compiled a list of the top 50 places to study classical economics. For the first time, Lithuania is on the list with the Lithuanian Free Market Institute in the thirty-fifth position. Evaluated for Economics in 31 Hours curriculum, its success and efficiency and its partnership with the Atlas Network in promoting the European Academy for Intellectual Entrepreneurs, LFMI ranks among world-famous institutions and organisations such as the Mises Institute, George Mason University, Mont Pelerin Society and others.

According to Marija Vyšniauskaitė, Head of LFMI’s Education Centre, more and more people realise the significance of economic education in Lithuania and the international recognition of LFMI’s educational effort is a great encouragement to pursue new projects.

“Following the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Lithuanian teenagers and adults rank below average in terms of financial literacy if compared to other developed countries. We are working to improve it. At present, 23,000 or 83 per cent of pupils are studying economics from our curriculum. Hopefully, our innovative material will help them grasp the essence of economics. We are also developing material for integrated teaching and learning of economics, ethics and citizenship education to build the foundation for sound financial and social education”, – says Marija.

The present recognition adds to the ever growing acknowledgment of Economics in 31 Hours. In 2016 the textbook received the prestigious Templeton Freedom Award from Atlas Network, the Educational Learning Resources Award in the London Book Fair’s International Excellence Awards and the People’s Choice Award for the best online educational tool from LOGIN, the annual gathering of Lithuania’s Internet culture.


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