LFMI shares experience with interns from other countries

Since 2010, the Lithuanian Free Market Institute is participating in an international project (FEC programme) which aims at exchanging the experience about the activities of a think tank: fundraising, relations with supporters, mass media, decision makers and other audiences, as well as communication strategies, educational project, etc.

Within the framework of this project, LFMI is accepting young interns from other countries who plan or who have just founded think-tanks in their countries and are willing to learn the know-how about the management of a think tank. LFMI has already shared its experience in this field with 4 interns from Bolivia, Germany, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Pavel Koktyshev from Kazakhstan did internship at LFMI this week. He met with LFMI’s president, vice president, policy analysts and communications director. Just like previous interns, P. Koktyshev also met with former members of the LFMI team who are currently employed in the government sector.

After her visit at LFMI in autumn 2011, Mariia Semykoz has founded the Mamay Institute in Ukraine and has successfully launched their first project on Tax Liberation Day.

Early this year, LFMI has been recognized as one of the top think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe for the fifth year in a row. According to the study of the world‘s top think tanks done by the University of Pennsylvania (USA) in 2011, LFMI was ranked 13th among 30 key think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe. The compilers of the index evaluated 6,545 public policy institutes from around the world and 537 centres from Central and Eastern Europe.

LFMI remains the only organisation from Lithuania which is ranked in the study of the world‘s top think tanks.