LFMI’s Teacher’s Manual wins 2016 LOGIN Internet Award

LFMI’s Teacher’s Manual has won 2016 LOGIN People’s Choice Award for the best online educational tool from the annual gathering of Lithuania’s Internet culture that celebrates the greatest and most innovative achievements of the Lithuanian tech community. We outperformed 34 other nominees, outstripping the runner-up by as many as a quarter of total votes.

„People’s Choice Award is the greatest compliment. I believe that not only the website itself was so positively received, but also the idea of the textbook. It is a strong signal that people need more than traditional learning methods and I am overjoyed that we were the first to offer an alternative “- says Marija Vyšniauskaitė, head of LFMI education center.

More about the textbook here.

“Economics in 31 hours” is a new generation textbook for pupils in 9-10 grade.

Interactive teacher’s manual features assignments, ideas for discussion, videos, statistics, new issues in economics, games. The manual is regularly updated and expanded.

The mission of the textbook is to get students to understand economics as an important and inevitable part of life, rather than a science that has nothing to do with reality.