„Liberty studies“ contest

For the fifth time LFMI organized an essay contest „Liberty Studies“, devoted to commemorate one of the most important economists of the Austrian school of economics, a theoretician of liberalism and a defender of the free market – MURRAY N. ROTHBARD. In 2008 the contest received an unprecedented number of excellent submissions. It is evident that the attention the contest receives grows each year.
According to the three times winner P. Lastauskas, „This is a great, one-of-a-kind initiative in Lithuania, which has a comprehensive and well-coordinated programme that is aimed at youth – the future thinkers and politicians.“ The pinnacle of the contest came in September, when a guest speaker, professor Marco Luigi Bassani delivered a lecture „Murray N. ROTHBARD: Without Taboos in Economy, Without Compromises in Ethics“. Marco Luigi Bassani is a professor of the history of political sciences at the University of Milan. Continuing its series of publications „Readings in Economic Policy“, LFMI presented Murray N. Rothbard‘s collection „Property and market order“ to all those interested in economic policy and seeking to re-examine the established „truths“. It is the third book published by LFMI as part of its series „Readings in Economic Policy“.
Last year, LFMI launched „A Collection of Economic and Political Essays“ by French economist Frederic Bastiat, and in 2006 LFMI published Ludwig von Mises‘ „Economic Policy: Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow“.