Press release: LFMI launches an essay contest on Freedom Studies

LFMI invites all students to participate in an essay contest on Freedom Studies. This year, the topic of the essay contest is devoted to competition. This theme was chosen on purpose. Competition is often perceived inadequately, which leads to many actions and solutions containing, under the cover of competition protection, major distortions and restrictions of competition.              
The institute is looking forward to essays of no more than ten pages under one of the headlines below or devoted to a theme of the students‘ own choice. The proposed headlines for essays are as follows:
Criticism of the modern competition policy from point of view of the Austrian economic school of thought
Competition as the “framework of givenness“ of the surrounding world according to Friedrich A. Hayek and Liudvig von Mises
The issue of the emergence of  monopoly prices according to Liudvig von Mises ir Murray N. Rothbard
Protection of intellectual ownership and competition.