Writing contest Liberty Studies

In 2009, LFMI announced already its 6th writing contest Liberty Studies. This project’s themes are always attuned to topicalities, so last year we invited higher-grade pupils, students and individuals interested in economic policy to elicit and indicate the true causes of the current global economic crisis based on the theory of the Austrian School of Economics. LFMI received a good number of students’ essays, and the winners were announced and awarded during a lecture “Economic Crises – a Disease of Capitalism?” given by Dr. Hab. Algirdas Degutis.
During this event, LFMI also presented the most recent publication Money and Business Cycles by L. von Mises, G. Haberler, M.N. Rothbard and F.A. Hayek. This is the fourth collection released in LFMI’s series “Readings in Economic Policy.” It consists of two chapters: the first chapter presents the history of the origin of money and the impact of money on the economy, and the second chapter offers articles about the causes and consequences of business cycles, plus solutions on how to avert economic fluctuations.
To date, LFMI has released the following publications in the series “Readings in Economic Policy”: Murray N. ROTHBARD Property and Market Order, 2008; Frederic BASTIAT A Collection of Economic and Political Essays, 2007; Ludwig von MISES Economic Policy. Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow, 2006. The latest, fourth, publication was disseminated to school, university and public libraries. LFMI donated the book to all students who requested it. The book is also available at the Institute and for purchase online.