Government Watch. On Draft Amendments to the Law on Trade Unions

The Lithuanian Free Market Institute has examined the draft law no XIIIP-784 on amending Articles 13, 17 and 21 of the Law on Trade Unions no I-2018 and submitted its comments and proposals to relevant authorities. The draft amendments are aimed at providing longer time off work for the leadership of trade unions to carry out their activities from 60 to 120 hours per year, providing compulsory consultations with trade unions in cases of collective redundancies, and providing unpaid leave for the leaders of trade unions that cannot extend beyond their term in office.

In its position paper the Lithuanian Free Market Institute called for the rejection of the proposed amendments due to the following:

  • The provision of at least 120 hours of time of work for carrying out the functions of a trade union is disproportionate, unjustified and poses significant burden on employers by increasing labor costs;
  • Exclusive rights to longer periods of time of work for trade union members violates the principle of equality;
  • Unpaid leave periods  cannot be associated with the term of office of the leader of a trade union and cannot be included in the calculation of the annual paid leave.
  • Mandatory consultations with trade unions are redundant.

The full position paper (in Lithuanian) is available here.