LFMI proposals regarding connection of new users to the electric power grid and changes in the regulation of electric power delivery (transmission and distribution) networks

LFMI has put forward solutions likely to bring about positive changes in the near future. The Institute proposes introduction of competition and development of alternative electric power delivery networks. That would give rise to a strong potential competition providing the user with the power of the market and a possibility to negotiate with the supplier. Despite the fact that the cost of connection to the grid may increase for some users, the changes would mean lower subsidies at the cost of the current users and would therefore be economically feasible.

The major changes would become evident in the long-term perspective. Potential competition is likely to turn into real competition the pressure of which may start reducing the cost of the electric power delivery network services. The possibility for new users to choose the most acceptable way of acquiring electric power supplies may facilitate conditions for the establishment of new business or industrial objects and accelerate development in new areas.

The same subject is tackled in comments by the LFMI Senior Policy Analyst Žilvinas Šilėnas published in the portal Alfa.lt under the heading Electric Power Grid: Competition and Freedom of Choice is no Utopia.