LFMI’s proposal regarding a possibility to shift to a single-time tariff

After the National Control Commission for Prices and Energy changed the price of electricity and reduced the difference between the single-time and dual-time tariffs from the start of this year, residents started to inquire about a possibility to switch from dual-time tariff meters to single-time tariff meters. However, households willing to do so would need to pay over 130 Litas to state entities for the service. We submitted our position, proposing to provide a possibility for residents who have dual-time tariff meters installed to switch to single-time tariff meters without changing the meter itself. In such a way, people would not incur additional expenses, a greater possibility for electricity price differentiation would be retained in the future and resources would be used efficiently. On January 28 LFMI disseminated a press release “LFMI proposes preventing the waste of people’s money when they switch to single-time electricity tariff.” We are delighted that this proposal received an instant response from the energy companies who decided to allow residents to change tariffs at no cost.