International Seminar “Let’s Agree on the Environment”

On Thursday, February 19, 2015, LFMI hosted an international seminar “Let’s Agree on the Environment.” The event aimed to engage members of local communities and NGOs in constructive dialogue with local authorities and investors regarding environmental protection and economic development.

The discussion included exchange of experience of cooperation between local communities, NGOs and local authorities in the Nordic countries.

The event gathered together representatives of local communities, non-government organizations, business associations and municipal authorities.

The seminar was one of the first events of the newest LFMI initiative “Let’s Agree” which aims to equip members of local communities with necessary skills to engage in sound and meaningful discussions and reach peaceful and constructive agreements with other community members. Learn more about the project:

Presentations were delivered by President of LFMI Žilvinas Šilėnas, associate professor Dr. Aistė Balžeikienė of the Institute of Public Policy and Administration of Kaunas University of Technology and, Maria Eriksson (Timbro, Sweden), Kirsten Paaby (Idébanken, Norway) and Robert Müürsepp (Mises Institute, Estonia).

Starting from April 2015, LFMI will organize a series of training courses in 15 Lithuanian municipalities. Participants will enhance their policy analysis, advocacy and communication skills.