LFMI’s initiative “Euro and Europe”

Euro and Europe is a new area in the focus of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute. We will disclose the fundamental problems of the euro as of a political project, as well as its potential and most likely future scenarios, relating the euro’s problems with the crisis of the European credit market and the government-pursued monetary and fiscal policy. We will explain what repercussions the European monetary future may have for Lithuania and what strategy in monetary policy would be most beneficial for our country.

Within the framework of this area, LFMI has launched a new rubric in its website in Lithuanian „Euras ir Europa“ where information from other countries and Lithuania, related to the euro zone crisis and solutions will be posted.

On April 3, LFMI will organise an international conference “The Eurozone in Crisis: Solutions and Future Prospects.“ During the event, we will discuss the fiscal policy of the European Union countries and the future of euro. We invite politicians, representatives from business, experts from Lithuania and foreign countries, and the media to participate.
LFMI will actively comment and provide opinion on the issues of the eurozone crisis in Lithuania, seeking to reflect the intensive and stormy life of the eurozone.

LFMI‘s Senior Fellow Rūta Vainienė will head the institute’s work in the area on euro and Europe.