The Survey of the Lithuanian Economy. Government plans new taxes, businesses plan migration

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The 33rd edition of the Survey of the Lithuanian Economy conducted by LFMI shows that a volatile tax environment is forcing Lithuanian companies to move operations abroad. The authors of the survey point out that the main reason pushing capital out of Lithuania is the unpredictable and frequently changing legal framework. As many as 91 percent of the survey respondents supported this statement.

“Under the previous legislature, as many as half of the 2,487 adopted laws were passed by urgent procedure. This means that technical errors were definitely unavoidable, while the implications and consequences for citizens and businesses were not properly assessed,” LFMI’s expert Laurynas Rekašius says.

More than 70 percent of the survey participants claim that business migration is also being affected by such factors as a high political risk, the unfavorable tax environment and a high level of corruption.

THE SURVEY OF THE LITHUANIAN ECONOMY is an alternative source of statistics launched in 1997. It provides forecasts of market participants, including business owners, executives, economic and financial analysts, i.e. those who are active in the market and have the latest information.

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