LFMI examination regarding the management of the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund budget expenditure on compensated medicines

This procedure provides a contractual mechanism for mandatory health insurance funds management and compensated medicines provision. By concluding agreements manufacturers undertake to repay the MHIF if the factual compensation for medicines awarded is bigger than the compensation rate laid down in the agreement. It means that the state transfers its compensation commitment to pharmaceutical products manufacturers. LFMI holds that any transfer of compensation to manufacturers will have inevitable consequences for other consumers and/or, because of a higher base price, for public finances.

Taking into account the fact that compensation for medicines is provided by law, it is necessary to find a solution for the shortfall of MHIF resources within the framework of public finances, by reducing the compensated part, by changing the procedure of calculating the base price, the classification of medicines, registration of new pharmaceuticals and other related issues. LFMI must fulfil its commitments to compensate for the price of medicines according to the amounts of medicines sold, without applying any quotas. It may be expedient to transpose part of relevant regulation into higher-level legal acts.