Leapers over the gulfs of logic, or post-ideology

The publication Naujasis židinys carried an article by the LFMI associate policy analyst Guoda Azguridienė about what she calls ‘leapers over the gulfs of logic’. At times, those people seem to be consistent and convincing but their ideology contains vast gulfs of logic furrowing nice green valleys. In Lithuania, this kind of ideologists calling themselves the New Left (NL) represent a newly-formed stream.  According to Ms Guoda Azguridienė, “the New Left are typical consumers in their attitude to economy (‘your duty is to do the work and ours to regulate it the way we consider to be right’), populists in their attitude to individual freedom (‘all people are free except those who think otherwise than we do’), competitors in their attitude to religion (‘it has too much power and must be stripped of it’) and utopians in their attitude to history (‘let us live as if the Soviet period had never existed’).