Let’s Agree. LFMI hosts a seminar for local communities of Ukmergė

Lithuanian Free Market Institute hosted a practical workshop “Community, investment and environment: how to evaluate, participate and communicate” to more than 30 representatives from local communities and NGOs of Ukmergė and Molėtai on March 18th. Our workshop aims to equip members of local communities with necessary skills to engage in sound and meaningful discussions,  and reach peaceful and constructive agreements with other community members.

Let by LFMI President Žilvinas Šilėnas, Junior Policy Analyst Dominykas Šumskis, head of communication Asta Narmontė, local media and municipal representatives, the participants discussed these issues: evaluation of public policy decisions on investment projects, constitutional rights of community members, effective ways of communication with different stakeholders and the media as well as the most effective means of advancing well-informed and sound arguments and positions.

The workshop was based on the analysis of case studies on investment projects. The case studies are specifically designed to raise the awareness of the importance of a well-informed dialogue and mutual agreement when it comes to investment and well-being of a community. The participants also  received two handbooks on  participation and communication and coordination and agreement, specifically designed for local community needs in Lithuania.

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