LFMI Advises on the 14th Government’s Action Plan

LFMI analysed an official action plan for the implementation of the government’s programme for 2004-2008 and submitted comments and proposals to the government. A package of policy proposals were submitted to the Prime Minister and all ministries concerned.

In his letter to Prime Minister Gediminas Kirkilas, LFMI’s President Remigijus Šimašius wrote that although LFMI criticised the Government’s agenda, it does not block the way for necessary solutions seeking to increase the Lithuania’s competitiveness. LFMI’s leader also expressed hope that the new administration headed by Gediminas Kirkilas would be able to implement indispensable actions that would enable a successful and uninterrupted creation of welfare in Lithuania.

LFMI also noted that despite outstanding economic results the Lithuanian economy must be given a push today so that it showed equally good results in the future as well. Among the primary measures recommended by LFMI are tax reduction, an overhaul and simplification of land market regulation, elimination of business barriers as well as conducting quality reforms in the healthcare and education systems. Only these tools can kick-start the economy and make Lithuania more attractive and assessable for investments, labour and creating welfare.