LFMI Again Among Leading Think Tanks of Central and Eastern Europe

The Lithuanian Free Market Institute (LFMI) has been recognized as one of the top think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe for the fifth year in a row. LFMI remains the only organisation from Lithuania which is ranked in the study of the world‘s top think tanks.

According to the study of the world‘s top think tanks done by the University of Pennsylvania (USA) in 2011, LFMI was ranked 13th among 30 key think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe. The compilers of the index evaluated 6,545 public policy institutes from around the world and 537 centres from Central and Eastern Europe.

LFMI has been given a high evaluation in each study conducted for five consecutive years now.

A good news is that a number of think-tanks that are close to LFMI in their values were also ranked in the think-tank study: Taxpayers Alliance (Great Britain), Adam Smith Institute (Great Britain), Istituto Bruno Leoni (Italy), Timbro (Sweden), Adriatic Institute for Public Policy (Croatia), Institute for Market Economics (Bulgaria), Acton Institute (USA), American Enterprise Institute (USA), CATO Institute (USA), Fraser Institute (Canada), Heritage Foundation (USA).


Counting its 22nd year of active performance, the Lithuanian Free Market Institute is a leading free-market NGO in Lithuania and one of champion thinks tanks in the region. LFMI was the pioneer of independent policy advocacy in Lithuania and stood at the forefront of the country’s economic and social transition to the free-market economy. Differently from the bulk of non-profit non-political organisations in Europe, LFMI was founded as a result of private initiative alone and has retained its independence through support from private sources.