LFMI encourages to decline the proposal to limit retail shops working hours

Lithuanian Free Market Institute analyzed proposed project changes Nr. XIIP-3797 on article 162 of Labor Code.

Proposed amendments aim to forbid all retail trade organizations from providing services on following days: January 1 – first day of New Year; February 16 – Day of Restoration of Lithuania‘s Independence; March 11 – Day of Restoration of Independnce of Lithuania; Sunday – first day of Easter celebration; June 6 – Statehood day (Commemorates coronation of the first king, Mindaugas); December 25 – first day of Christmas.

It is important to note that:

• This prohibition is harmful to employees of retail trade shops:

– employees lose the opportunity to earn more
– prohibition will lead to the decrease of the amount of workplaces

• The prohibition is redundant

• The prohibition is harmful to retail trade shops

• The prohibition is harmful to consumers

• There is a possibility that the prohibition is against the Lithuanian Constitution

Because of the aforementioned arguments we encourage to decline this proposition.