LFMI is among the Top 10 Public Policy Think Tanks in Central and Eastern Europe

In the new Penn-based (University of Pennsylvania, USA) index of the world’s best think tanks, the Lithuanian Free Market Institute that will be celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its activities this year was included among the top ten Central and Eastern European Public Policy Think Tanks.
‘Even though our work is not aimed at the ratings, it is good news for the staff of the Institute, including its associated experts and donors.C2010-503
They all contributed to this ranking by their knowledge, ideas and – certainly – by support that enables us to accomplish our mission’, LFMI President Rūta Vainienė expressed delight at the recognition.
LFMI was also nominated in the category of ‘One of the Leading Think Tanks in the World”. Out of 6,305 world public policy centres, 392 think tanks were nominated as one of the leading think tanks in the world. According to Rūta Vainienė, it is an excellent evaluation for the Institute whose achievements are well known in Lithuania but who also seeks to be heard of by researchers in the field of European economic policy studies.
‘We are delighted that among a wide range of various think tanks of the world, is not only LFMI but also many other friendly global organizations closely related to us through similar values and frames of reference. Ranked among the best are Adam Smith Institute (Great Britain), Institute for Market Economics (Bulgaria), Liberalni Institut (Czech Republic), CATO Institute (USA), Fraser Institute (Canada), Heritage Foundation (USA) and others’.
The survey of the world’s public policy think tanks in various fields was conducted for the second time. Last year the Institute was also ranked among the best.810-420
It was included in the list of the leading think tanks in the world and ranked among the top ten think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe.