LFMI’s position on the Lisbon Strategy and employment regulations

The Lithuanian Free Market Institute is conducting an Investment Climate Survey which was contracted by the World Bank. The goal of the survey is to generate establishment-level quantitative information that would help evaluate the performance of business enterprises and identify constraints to doing business. The survey will be completed by 1st of May, 2004.

The survey is designed to provide firm level evidence on the impact of a wide range of policy reforms on business performance and the state of investment climate in Lithuania. The data from this survey will be compared with information from the World Bank’s recent surveys to benchmark the competitiveness of the Lithuanian private sector against major competitor countries. The survey is designed to be repeated in 3-5 years to assess the impact of government policies on private sector growth and productivity increases.

This survey will be the foundation of an Investment Climate Assessment which will be written by the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia Private Sector Development group.

The Investment Climate Survey is a standard World Bank Group product. Its objectives are : (1) evaluate the state of the private sector; (2) identify the key constraints to increase firm productivity; (3) evaluate how competitive firms in particular country are with respect to their neighbors or firms in other regions of the world; (4) identify policies that will alleviate obstacles and improve firm productivity and export competitiveness.