Lithuanian Free Market Institute recognized as one of the leading think tanks in Eastern Europe and in the world

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) carried out a study of 5550 think tanks, and ranked the leading ones both worldwide and in their respective regions. Lithuanian Free Market Institute was ranked 7th in Eastern Europe.  LFMI was also among think tanks nominated “As One of the Leading Think Tanks in the World”.
LFMI was the only think tank from the Baltic States to be included in the Top 25 think tanks in Eastern Europe. (According to the study, there are 13 think tanks in Lithuania, 9 in Latvia and 15 in Estonia.)  Ms. Ruta Vainiene was very pleased that LFMI was highly ranked both in Eastern Europe and worldwide.
“This appraisal confirms the success of our policy advocacy. When a small institution is noticed on the European and global level, it becomes evident that our work is meaningful and we stick to our mission.  We are delighted“, President of LFMI said.
 A good news is that a number of think-tanks that are close to LFMI in their values were also nominated “As One Of The Leading Think Tanks In The World: Adam Smith Institute (Great Britain), Istituto Bruno Leoni (Italy), International Policy Network (Great Britain), Timbro (Sweden), Adriatic Institute for Public Policy (Croatia), Institute for Market Economics (Bulgaria), Liberalni Institut (Check Republic), American Enterprise Institute (USA), CATO Institute (USA), Fraser Institute (Canada), Heritage Foundation (USA).
Such a study has been carried out for the first time in the world; it was based on the last year’s pilot project.  In the pilot project LFMI was ranked 10th in Eastern Europe and was also nominated as one of the leading think tanks in the world.