Lithuania’s President consulted with independent experts

LFMI’s President Rūta Vainienė took part in the Lithuanian President’s meeting with independent economic and legal experts to debate the bill on the 2009 state budget and an accompanying package of other bills. The aim of the meeting was to find out what consequences the bill on the national budget would exert on the state and people, if it was signed or vetoed.
LFMI’s President Rūta Vainienė was rather critical about the bill on the 2009 state budget and other draft laws. She expressed an opinion that it might be even healthier to the Lithuanian economy, if the President vetoed the budget bill and other amendments altogether. As a result, according to her, the tax system would remain intact, while the state would live in January 2009, spending budget resources, equalling one-twelfth of last year’s budget.
LFMI’s President proposed another solution as well – signing the law on the 2009 state budget but vetoing certain legal acts submitted to the President in line with the budget bill. In Ms. Vainienė’s opinion, Lithuania’s President should not sign amendments to the Law on the Profit Tax and those legal acts that regulate social security and health insurance contributions.