Ms. Rūta Vainienė was elected the new President of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute

Remigijus Šimašius (35) was appointed the Minister of Justice in the new Lithuanian Government. The new Cabinet was formed by a Coalition of four right-wing parties after the parliamentary elections in November, 2008. Remigijus Šimašius has been nominated by the Liberal Union and his candidacy has been endorsed by the country’s President, Valdas Adamkus and the Parliament.  Remigijus, who has been with LFMI since 1995 and has a Ph.D. in Law made an oath at the Parliament on Tuesday, December 9th, 2008.
“After careful consideration, understanding that the Cabinet will be reform-oriented and has perspectives to implement long-awaited reforms I agreed to become the Minister of Justice.  The position will give me opportunities to put into practice ideas I worked a lot for a long time at the Institute.  I am leaving behind me a strong team of young and devoted professionals immersed in great work and led by new challenges.  I am sure they will successfully continue LFMI‘s mission and hope to come back to my dear Institute after the trial in Government”, Mr. Šimašius claims.
Elena Leontjeva, Founder of LFMI, who now chairs the Institute’s Board, says: “We at LFMI have produced so many statesmen and stateswomen that could market ourselves as a nursery of state thought and state action. It was not an easy choice for Remigijus but I understand his readiness to take responsibility over the country that is in serious hardship and under the burden of promises made by former socialist administration. I trust Remigijus will take his chance to reform the law-making principles, that has been our idea for years, and will be the voice for a small and efficient government within it. I trust that the current financial constraints will help to downsize the bureaucracy”.
E. Leontjeva’s nominee to become new LFMI’s President, Rūta Vainienė (40), has been approved by the General Meeting on December 11th, 2008. “There are many things to do and we are ready to accept new challenges. The mission of LFMI does not change; we will continue actively working on actual issues of economic policy. Lithuanian people and companies look forward to good solutions and we have many things to offer to the government”, the new LFMI’s President says.
Rūta Vainienė has been working at LFMI since its inception in 1990.  Her scope of activities included economic and monetary policy, tax system, banking and reforms in state finances. In 1999 – 2004 Ms. Vainienė led the team of policy analysts as LFMI‘s Vice-President and since 2004 she kept her ties with LFMI as an Associate Policy Analyst.  In 1998 -2004 Rūta served as a Member of the Board of the Central Bank of Lithuania. In 2007 Rūta Vainienė led the Tax Competition and Budget Reform Team, the initiative of European think-tanks “Coalition for a Free Europe“. The Coalition’s Position on the EU Budget Reforms was widely presented across Europe and the EU debate has been enriched by the Free-market reason.  Rūta Vainienė has also published a “Dictionary of Economics“, which became a bestseller in Lithuania, is an author of numerous articles and publications and a most popular TV and Radio speaker.  “I trust the new charismatic President of LFMI will advance free market ideas to undiscovered areas and utmost heights”, Ms. Leontjeva claims.