Discussion on the Transformation of the State Social Security System (“Sodra”)

Seeking to remind policy makers that “Sodra” needs to be transformed and that solutions for change are being framed not just in Lithuania, on May 19 we staged discussions for policy analysts and representatives of right-wing parties, hosting Oskari Juurikkala, a researcher at the Institute of International Economic Law at University of Helsinki. The guest speaker gave a presentation “Pay-as-you-go System: Problems and Solutions in Europe.“ Following the discussion, LFMI issued a press release “An Expert from Abroad Urges Lithuania to Launch a Social Security Reform.”
We would like to remind you that LFMI has prepared and submitted to decision makers a conceptual proposal on the Transformation of the State Social Security System. We propose to strictly separate the cases where insurance principles can be applied from cases where that is impossible, plus to apply private insurance to insurable occurrences and accumulation to all other cases. Social support must be purposeful and well-targeted, rendered only to those individuals who indeed need it.