Study “Debate on the Future of Europe: a View from Lithuania”

In 2002 the Lithuanian Free Market Institute implemented a project “Debate on the Future of Europe: a View from Lithuania”. The goal of this project was to develop a comprehensive study and to present the principles of, and recommendations for, reforming the EU and its institutions, dividing competencies among the EU and member-states, and drawing citizens into decision-making process of the EU.

The study developed by LFMI is the first comprehensive collection of analysis-based recommendations that was prepared in Lithuania with a view to joining the debate on the future of EU.

The study provides a short presentation of the on-going debate about the future of Europe and its major issues. It also presents a description of EU institutions, their functions, the fundamental principles and methods of the EU, and the explanation of major terms. Most of the study was devoted to formulating specific recommendations for the development of EU activities in order to ensure better conditions to implement the goals of the EU and to establish democratic and effective methods of activities of the EU after the enlargement.

The main conclusion of this study is that the EU currently operates under the rules which allow for a good balance between legitimacy and effectiveness. The main challenge for the EU and in particular its member states is to observe in its daily activities the main principles which are set forth in its Treaty and to take the current rules of decision making seriously.

The study was prepared in English and Lithuanian and submitted to institutions of Lithuania and the EU as well as the organisers of the Convention on EU Future. The project was supported by European Commission Delegation in Lithuania PHARE Small Grants Programme and the Swedish Embassy.