Course on Economics “Realistic Economic Analysis”

On November 9-15, LFMI held economic studies for the best applicants, “Realistic Economic Analysis 2009.” LFMI offered a week of comprehensive lectures on economic policy to senior students of economics or other social and humanitarian sciences, as well to graduate professionals. The lectures were delivered on the following topics: the epistemology and methodology of social sciences and economics; theory of value; price formation; natural resources and man; competition and monopoly; a critical review of schools of economic thought; money and saving; a critical review of Keynesian economics; stimulation plans; credit expansion and interest; theory of business cycles; types of government interventions in the economy: property, regulation and taxes; public goods and externalities; market boundaries; role of the entrepreneur; market and Christianity.
The lectures were delivered by experts well-known in Lithuania and by noted lecturers from abroad: Dr. Hab. Algirdas Degutis, Rūta Vainienė, Žilvinas Šilėnas, Dr. Remigijus Šimašius, Prof. Victoria Curzon-Price, Prof. Josef Šíma, Dr. Guoda Azguridienė and priest Dr. Kęstutis Kėvalas. LFMI organized these courses for the second time. This project attracted a big number of participants and generated favourable feedback, therefore LFMI intends to carry it out again in the future.