LFMI examination on the draft law a on levies on media and recorders

The expert examination offers comments and an alternative with respect to the compensation fee; besides, the following arguments are questioned and discussed: 1) the current legislative regulation does not grant authors equitable remuneration for the use of their creative works; 2) the bad situation in the arts market has been further worsened by an increased burden of taxes imposed on authors and by their unresolved social insurance problems; 3) it would be more fair to extend the levies from the media in which the copyrighted content can be stored  to the equipment reproducing the content; 4) the EU member states‘ experience shows that a dominating solution regarding compensation to rights holders for private copies made of their work is a system combining a compensation fee levied on both, blank media and the equipment used to copy and store the copyright protected materials.
The same subject is tackled in a commentary by the LFMI policy analyst Kaetana Leontjeva in the news portal Lrytas.lt A cooked up levy on media and recorders – and what about justice?