To embrace the unembraceable, to foresee the unforseable

Comments by the LFMI vice-president Giedrius Kadziauskas in the daily Verslo žinios about the research carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science on the demand of specialists prepared by the higher education and vocational training institutions in Lithuania, about the Government relieving itself of the heavy burden of forecast and mistake and, at the same time, conjuring up a vision of Lithuania‘s economy: in 2020 Lithuania will be a services haven. It is wrong of the government to be devising strategies on what others and not itself should be. There is a lot to be done for the government if it wants to see knowledge and high technologies – based business  in Lithuania: to simplify the labour code provisions regulating the working time regime, to ease the tax burden, to rectify mistakes made like the messed up PIT, the in-kind income thriller, the health insurance tax on dividends. However, instead of committing themselves to what they are responsible for, the authorities keep drawing up development strategies for business.  According to the LFMI vice-president the eagerness of the authorities to embrace and to direct all – students, the unemployed and businessmen – is too tall an order.