Let’s Agree. LFMI Hosts a Workshop for Local Communities of Kėdainiai Region

On 9 October, 2015 for the sixth time LFMI hosted a seminar “Community, investment and environment: how to evaluate, participate and communicate” on ways to establish sound and meaningful discussion and to reach peaceful agreement with one another. This time the workshop gathered 15 members of local communities and NGOs of Kėdainiai Region.

Together with LFMI President Žilvinas Šilėnas, Junior Policy Analyst Eglė Užmiškytė, local media and municipal representatives, the participants learned how to analyze and assess local public policy decisions, constructively participate in municipal policy debates and effectively communicate their ideas and opinions.

The workshop was based on the analysis of case studies on investment projects specifically designed to raise the awareness of the importance of well-informed dialogue and mutual agreement when it comes to investment and well-being of a community. The participants also received two handbooks on  participation and communication and coordination and agreement, specifically designed for local community needs in Lithuania.

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The seminar was a part of LFMI’s newest  initiative Let‘s Agree through which we aim to equip the population with the necessary skills to reasonably discuss issues and reach a peaceful, but beneficial, agreement with other community members.