LFMI Selected as Atlas Network Partner for Leveraging Indices Grant


To achieve tangible, real-world impact in the think tank world, measuring the outcomes and results of our work is a key ingredient of the equation. In order advance this goal, Atlas Network has proposed using reputable international rankings or indices and then objectively assessing the results of think tanks’ work as they try to change specific indicators in those indices, directly related to policy reform.

In late March, several Atlas Network partners were selected for the Leveraging Indices for Free Enterprise Policy Reform grant opportunity, and this week many of those partners are participating in a workshop designed to give them the background and tools they need to move forward.

The Atlas Network partners selected for this opportunity are:

1. IMANI (Ghana)
2. Centre for Civil Society (India)
3. Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (Pakistan)
4. Samriddhi (Nepal)
5. Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Malaysia)
6. The TaxPayers’ Alliance (United Kingdom)
7. Institute for Market Economics (Bulgaria)
8. Istituto Bruno Leoni (Italy)
9. Lithuanian Free Market Institute (Lithuania)
10. Civismo (Spain)
11. Institute of Economic and Social Studies (Slovakia)
12. Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo, A.C. (Mexico)
13. Centro Regional de Estrategias Economicas Sostenibles (Dominican Republic)
14. Centro de Economia, Sociedad y Empresa (Uruguay)
15. Contribuyentes por Respeto (Peru)
16. Instituto de Desarrollo Empresarial y Accion Social (Costa Rica)

Generously supported by the John Templeton Foundation, this project provides grants to Atlas Network partners to conduct research, advocacy campaigns, and media campaigns to promote policy reforms that measurably move the needle in a specific prominent ranking or index, including the Ease of Doing Business Ranking by the World Bank Group, the Economic Freedom Index by the Heritage Foundation in partnership with the Wall Street Journal, and the Economic Freedom of the World Report by the Fraser Institute. The grant awards $100,000 divided over the course of three years.


Atlas Network partner representatives participate in a workshop that will give them the background and tools they need to effectively tie their advocacy work to reputable international rankings or indices as part of the Leveraging Indices for Free Enterprise Policy Reform grant opportunity.