On May 11th Lithuania celebrated the National Taxpayers’ Respect Day.

To honor this day, LFMI published analysis “The Regulatory Burden. Reducing Paperwork Not Only On Paper” (Lith.) which looks into government initiatives to reduce the regulatory and administrative burden and suggests that bureaucratic paperwork is being reduced only “on paper.”

“Today’s crisis has once again shown why it is so important to reduce the regulatory burden. Wage subsidies for those that create or retain jobs are futile in the long run if freedom of action is constrained by the regulatory burden. The fact that bureaucratic paperwork is being reduced only “on paper” shows that there is still a deep gap of understanding between government authorities and the business sector,” LFMI’s senior policy analyst Ieva Valeškaitė said.

The National Taxpayers’ Respect Day serves to honor taxpayers’ contribution to the well-being of society and to remind the government that it is taxpayers who finance education, healthcare, infrastructure, social safety and many other sectors of public services.

This commemorative day was established by law in 2018 as a result of a petition to the parliament of Lithuania initiated by the Lithuanian Free Market institute. As a flagship project to honor the first Taxpayers’ Respect Day, LFM published a list of Taxpayers’ Rights which was compiled on the basis of tax laws and court rulings.