New European policy network EPICENTER is launched in Brussels

Epicenter Network 2014-10-14 13-46-44

Today EPICENTER – the European Policy Information Center – is launched in Brussels. The Institute of Economic Affairs, alongside five other prominent think tanks, launches an exciting new European initiative at a conference in the European Parliament. At a Gala Dinner later this evening, Jyrki Kataninen, Vice President of the European Commission, will deliver a keynote speech to mark the launch of EPICENTER.

The Institute of Economic Affairs has partnered up with the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Istitut Economique Molinari (France), Instituto Bruno Leoni (Italy), Civismo (Spain) and Timbro (Sweden) to form the European Policy Information Center (EPICENTER).

A free and competitive Europe is crucial for the region and all those interlinked with it to prosper. The project aims to provide decision-makers with research and insight on a number of key economic issues. Drawing expertise from across Europe, EPICENTER seeks to develop free-market solutions to some of the most pressing challenges faced by the EU.

Over the course of the next two days, various influential speakers will join EPICENTER to host a number of discussions, from fostering a digital sector in the EU, to promoting global trade.

For more information on EPICENTER and to follow the launch, click here.

EPICENTER, the European Policy Information Center, is an independent network of six of the most prominent free-market think tanks in Europe. With members from France, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden and the UK, EPICENTER brings together high-quality research on a wide variety of topics in economic policy. From November 2014 we will be producing regular briefings on pressing issues in the European debate.