Staff changes at LFMI

From the 21st of December, 2012 a long-time employee Rūta Vainienė is leaving Lithuanian Free Market Institute (LFMI). R.Vainienė was the special expert for the last year at LFMI.
“Rūta has made an extremely significant contribution to the Institute to make it as it is today, she was a very valuable member of the team. All together we worked and tried to restore people’s faith, encourage people to stay, work and create in Lithuania. We will actively seek to achieve these goals, three new members will join the LFMI team shortly,” said Žilvinas Šilėnas, the LFMI’s President.
R.Vainienė worked at LFMI intermittently since its establishment in 1990 until now. Since 1999 she led the research team, later became the Vice President, and in 2008 was elected to be President. Since 2011 R.Vainienė held the position of special expert.
“More than eighteen years I have worked in non-profit sector – the Lithuanian Free Market Institute. This is my home and my heart – I grew up in the Institute. <…> The ideas of free market will stay with me, but now I want to try myself as an independent expert. In the Institute I gathered knowledge and skills and I am anxious to share, I see a great need for it,” said R.Vainienė.
Lithuanian Free Market Institute calculates the twenty-third year of active and successful work and is one of the oldest non-governmental organizations across Europe, representing the Austrian School of Economics and promoting the ideas of individual freedom and responsibility, free market, and limited government.