Textbook Economics in 31 Hours reaches Uganda

Award-winning Lithuanian Free Market Institute book, Economics in 31 Hours which is now used successfully by so many Lithuanian Schools reaches Uganda.

Uganda is the fourth country in the world where this textbook is used to help kids understanding economics as a part of daily life rather than a discipline that has nothing to do with reality.

Teachers in Entebbe Schools have a specially translated Teachers Manual and have had the training to guide them with the new courses which have been approved by the Entebbe Council. Around 1000 students will benefit from this first course and if it is a success it is hoped that it may then be possible to repeat and expand it.

CEO of Action for Liberty and Economic Development, organisation that is implementing the project, Mugabi Socrates said that the course helps students to become conscious of the main purpose of Economics which is to satisfy the greatest possible number of people’s unlimited wants in a world of scarce goods. The course is expected to help students have a clear understanding of business and economic decisions with related benefits to the people or society in general.