Ž. Šilėnas. Lithuania should follow the example of countries which encourage supplemental voluntary health insurance

A Delfi-commissioned public opinion poll carried out by the Spinter market research company shows that nearly half of the Lithuanian population think that they pay more in taxes than they receive from the health care system.

“By paying contributions to the compulsory health insurance fund citizens are subsidizing an ineffective system which is being sustained only because there are a lot of people who pay contributions without actually using public services,” LFMI’s president Žilvinas Šilėnas says. “The fact that some people are willing to have supplemental insurance shows that people tend to take care of their health even without being obliged to by the state.”

More information is available in delfi.lt: http://www.delfi.lt/news/daily/health/sistema-isgyvenanti-del-to-kad-gyventojai-moka-pinigus-ir-nesinaudoja-paslaugomis.d?id=63645246#ixzz2tHEpiokU