Consumers should not be forced to buy 25% gas from Lithuania’s planned liquefied natural-gas terminal

LFMI thinks that obliging all consumers to buy 25% of gas from the planned liquefied 1Y0-A16 natural-gas terminal (LNGT) will not guarantee lower energy prices and will markedly restrict consumers’ choice. More to that, this rule will groundlessly place many risks onto consumers and will grant monopoly rights to the planned LNGT company. This would run counter to the Lithuanian Constitution that prohibits the monopolisation of the market. If this project is unfeasible without the proposed restriction of consumers’ rights, the entire project’s 1Y0-A15 economic justification should be questioned. LFMI submitted recommendations to the Parliament on how to streamline the bill on LNGT, calling MPs to remove the 25-percent requirement in the first place. According to LFMI, the essential question is not whether Lithuania needs or does not need an LNGT (or any other energy project) – the essential question is how much it will cost to and what impact it will have on Lithuanian people