Let’s Agree. Workshops in Kaunas, Kalvarija and Alytus regions

On May 15, 22 and 26 the Lithuanian Free Market Institute hosted seminars “Community, investment and environment: how to evaluate, participate and communicate” for local communities of Kaunas, Kalvarija and Alytus regions.

The participants tackled the following questions:  How to evaluate public policy decisions on investment projects? What constitutional rights are relevant? How to formulate a well-informed and sound position and communicate it effectively?

The training was conducted by LFMI President Žilvinas Šilėnas together with journalists who shared their ideas of how to effectively communicate with the media, addressed the main principles of their work as well as explained what interests the media and how to use it to put forward your own argumentative position.

These seminars was a part of the newest LFMI initiative Let’s Agree through which we aim to equip members of local communities with necessary skills to engage in sound and meaningful dialogue with different stakeholders when it comes to deciding on the environment we live in.

We are going to conduct this training in 15 Lithuanian municipalities. The next seminar will be held on June 5 for local communities of Tauragė region.

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