Let’s change Europe together!

Let’s change Europe together!
We invite all those who want to promote ideas of liberty to apply for funding. We will provide up to USD 5000 per project. The application deadline is October 30th 2010.
Grant application
Who is eligible for this grant?
We are looking for new intellectual entrepreneurs: individuals, groups, recently established organizations. We aim to support and strengthen the newcomers, encourage new activities or to expand existing projects, which would serve ideas of liberty in Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.
Criteria for evaluation of application
Idea -25%. These criteria will assess how well the aims of your project correspond to the ideas of liberty.
Feasibility -25%. This criteria will assess how likely it is that you will achieve what you trying to achieve with your project. Here we shall look for realistic plans, sound expenses, reasonable timelines and other information that would convince us that you are really able to complete the project successfully.
Sustainability- 25%. These criteria will evaluate the likelihood that the project will continue in the future without the financial support of the Academy.
Impact -25%.  These criteria will access the possible impact your project is going to have. We understand that the true impact of certain projects may be hard to foresee. Having this in mind we shall be very sympathetic during the evaluation.
Projects should start: December 1st 2010;
Application deadline: October 30th 2010;
Questions and Answers session with selected candidates: mid-November;
Duration of the project – up to 1 year.
Grant size
–          up to USD 5000 per project;
o        up to 80% from Academy;
o        at least 20% from other sources
Project size
It is completely acceptable to create projects of various sizes: from very small to very big (e.g. from USD 100 to USD 1,000,000). But the Grant must not make up more than 80% of the total cost of the project. This means that if the total cost of the project for example is USD 2000, you can get up to USD 1600 from Academy; if your project is USD 200, you can get up to USD 160 Academy. If the total cost of the project is USD 12,000 you can get up to USD 5000 from Academy, because USD 5000 is the maximum grant available from the Academy for a single project. This means that you will have to find USD 7000 somewhere else.
We provide financial support for the implementation of projects. Therefore the grant is designed to cover the expenses related to the project. When describing the amount of money necessary for the project please try to avoid incorporating expenses related to routine costs of running your organization.  We strongly urge you to concentrate on the expenses related to the actual project.
FAQ: Do contributions in kind (as opposed to contributions in cash) count as support?
Answer. Yes
FAQ: Is it OK to count contributions in kind to the 20% needed for co-financing?
Answer. Quite often you’ll find that contributions in kind are easier to get than contributions in cash. Contributions in kind are acceptable to count to the 20% of the cost of the project. In the same time we urge you not to try to pass the 20% threshold by counting your own work-hours or your other resources (e. g. laptops, phone bills, gas etc.). The purpose of the 20% threshold is to make you find other sources of financing. While evaluating the applications we shall pay special attention to the projects that demonstrate strong support from sources other than Academy.
How will you get the grant money?
–          In advance – 40%
–          After  mid-report: -30%
–          After final report-  30%
If your project is selected you will receive 40% of the grant in advance so that you have funds to work with for the project. Once the project has started, we shall ask you for a mid-report to inform us about your current activities, achievements, expenses. After you submit the report and we approve it, you shall receive another 30% of the grant. Finally we shall ask for the final report and send you the remaining 30% after we approve it.
Deadline for application: October 30th, 2010. The applications should be sent to edita@freema.org