• Employment Flexibility Index 2018

    Based on the World Bank’s Doing Business data on labour market regulation, the Lithuanian Free Market Institute and partners publish an annual ranking of EU and OECD countries.

Energy Taxation Directive should Protect Europeans from Excessive Taxation of Petrol, Gas and Electricity 06-13

Instead of comprehensive re-examination of the Energy Taxation Directive, the European Commission is examining whether ETD should continue the exemptions and lower tariffs for specific products. ETD claims to improve the internal market and energy efficiency and to contribute to jobs and growth. However, it achieves neither. Taxation of energy has added to the tax […]

Labour Migration and Flexibility of Regulation for Employing Non-EU Nationals 06-22

A report on the economic effects of migration and implications of employing non-EU nationals, providing a cross-country legislative and policy analysis on the flexibility of hiring of non-EU nationals in Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic as well as Denmark and Switzerland.

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